I'm just trying to protect you.
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so my followers wanted me to hold my very own tumblr awards to celebrate me reaching 8k!! (by the way thank you all for always being so kind to me and for uhhh FOLLOWING ME IN THE FIRST PLACE) (seriously it means the world to me) (i wish i could do more) (and be all of your bffs and hold hands with you and watch movies) ok so here we go:

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post
  • you can like this post as a placeholder, but it does not count as an entry
  • that’s it
  • best url
  • best theme
  • best icon
  • best varied posts
  • best original content
  • nicest blogger
  • best sidebar header banner thing that pops up when you hover over your icon (wth is that thing called)
  • my favorite
Winner's Prizes:
  • followback if i’m not already following
  • two promos throughout august/september/october
  • link on my blog until october
  • jonathan groff
  • my everlasting love
  • there will be 2 winners per category
  • ends august 20th
  • i will message the winners on august 21st
  • if you want to be nominated for a specific category, message me
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There’s beauty and there’s danger here
Split the ice apart
Beware the frozen heart

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I will stop the dogs!

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Frozen Alphabet ❆ ❄

                C is for Concept Art

thus far, a rather uninspiring thing…

Color Keys from Monsters Inc by Dominique Louis